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The death of General Younis makes us stronger, Libya rebels say



来源:The National (阿联酋) 



作者:Tracey Shelton (驻外记者)



 反抗军称,将军之死让我们更坚强【全译阿联酋国家报】 - 老榕 - 比老榕年轻
Abdel Fattah Younis in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi. (AFP)



Libyan rebels said yesterday the death of their chief military commander has only strengthened their resolve, as mystery continued to shroud the murder.



Gen Abdel Fattah Younis was killed on Thursday en route from his command post on the front line near Brega to the rebel capital Benghazi.



He was killed only hours after an announcement that he had been detained for questioning by his own forces on suspicion that his family still had ties to Col Muammar Qaddafi. "We have lost a major leader in Libya and it is a big loss to all of the fighters," Misurata's military spokesperson Ibrahim Beatelmal said.

在他被杀以前,有一份通告称,由于怀疑其家人仍与穆阿迈尔·卡扎菲上校藕断丝连,尤尼斯将军被反对派扣留质询。(过渡委后来否认了这个说法,称是为了述职)。米苏拉塔的军方发言人Ibrahim Beatelmal说:“我们失去了一位重要的利比亚领导者,对所有战士来说,这是一个巨大的损失。” 


He dismissed fears that the general's death could lead to a split in the rebel forces. "This will not hinder the revolution. The people, especially those in Benghazi, are sad and angered. We will fight even harder and with more determination than before."



The NTC is investigating the death, said Ali Tarhuni, who handles the council's economic affairs.

He said the council received news of his death late on Thursday when the head of a militia behind the crime confessed.

(反对派)经济事务的主管Ali Tarhuni称,国家过渡委员会正在调查此事。他说,在周四晚些时候,当一名罪案背后的民兵军官供认后,委员会收到了尤尼斯将军的死讯。 


"The head of the militia is imprisoned now," Mr Tarhuni said. He said some of the killers belonged to Jirah Ibn Al Obeidi brigade and had not yet been captured, and the motive for the killing remained unclear.

Tarhuni先生称:“这名民兵军官现在已被收押。”据他介绍,这些凶手来自Jirah Ibn Al Obeidi旅,还没有被抓住,而且行凶动机仍旧不明。 


"We don't know who they work for," he said.



Rebel leaders say they suspect pro-Qaddafi insurgents working from within Benghazi killed Younis, but a Qaddafi regime spokesman pinned the blame squarely on Al Qaeda and argued that the killing exposed the impotence of the NTC in the area of eastern Libya supposedly under its control.



“By this act, Al Qaeda wanted to mark out its presence and its influence in this region,” Mussa Ibrahim told reporters in Tripoli.



“The other members of the National Transitional Council knew about it but could not react because they are terrified of Al Qaeda.”



The NTC and rebel fighters say they have no connections with Al Qaeda and this is Col Qaddafi’s propaganda



Younis, formerly Col Gaddafi’s interior minister who participated in the 1969 coup that brought him to power, defected to the rebel forces in February. His position as military head had been controversial and rumours had circulated that rebel leaders in Misurata refused to accept orders from him.



The journalist and human-rights activist Hassan Al Amin said such problem were to be expected in a newly forming government.

记者、人权活动家Hassan Al Amin称,在这个新政府成型之时,这些问题就已经被预料到了。 


Mr Al Amin, who has campaigned for Libyan freedom from the Qaddafi regime for more than a decade, said that as leader of the national army, Younis’s orders would come to Misurata’s forces through the council. In reality, he said, Misurata has its own military council.

Al Amin先生为争取利比亚脱离卡扎菲统治获得自由已经努力了十几年的时间。他介绍,尤尼斯将军作为国家军队的总指挥要通过委员会向米苏拉塔的军队发布命令,而米苏拉塔有自己的委员会。 


“In practical terms I don’t think they were taking orders from Younis or the NTC,” he said. “The process of amalgamating all fighting brigades is not yet finished.”



Mr Al Amin said the majority of fighters are not soldiers but civilians who did not come under his command. The units – made up of doctors, lawyers, students – fighting on the front operate more or less independently, he said, but all are loyal to the interim council.

Al Amin称,大多数的战士其实不是士兵,只是平民,也就不会在尤尼斯将军的指挥之下。这些部队是由医生、律师、学生组成的,在前线基本上是各自为战,不过他们全部忠于国家过渡委员会。 


Among the front line fighters in Misurata yesterday, there appeared to be little concern with the actions of the NTC. In the mind of these men, the only goal is the removal of Col Qaddafi.



Unit leader Mohammed Al Jaholy, speaking from the Misurata front line before Younis’s death, said his fighters had no time to worry about politics.

在尤尼斯将军被杀以前,一位在米苏拉塔前线的军队指挥官Mohammed Al Jaholy称,他的战士们没有时间想政治方面的事情。 


“We are needed on the front line every day,” he said. “If we take time to get involved in these things we will lose everything. Now is not the time.”



In Misurata’s military prison, where 250 of Col Qaddafi’s soldiers are being held, reaction was mixed to news of Younis’s death.



Wissam Miland, 31, trained with Younis as part of Col Qaddafi’s government forces before the revolution. He surrendered to the rebel forces in Misurata two months ago along with five of his men after they were given the order to attack the civilian population within the city.

31岁的Wissam Miland在革命前是由尤尼斯将军训练出来的卡扎菲政府军。两个月前,在接到攻击城内民众的命令后,他与五名手下在米苏拉塔向反抗军投降。 


“Many of us thought he was right to leave because he was from the East,” Miland said. “He would surely have been sent to lead the fight against Benghazi; sent to kill his own people if he had remained with Qaddafi.”



Hesham Mohamed Embirika, who heads the prison, said: “If he was killed by Qaddafi’s men I feel so sad about that, but if he was a traitor and he was killed for this reason then I don’t care about him. This will not change the revolution.”

Hesham Mohamed Embirika是这个监狱的管理人,他说:“如果他是被卡扎菲的手下杀害的,我感到很难过。不过,如果他是因叛变(革命)而被杀的,那么我不会去关心他。这件事不会妨碍革命进程。” 


Meanwhile Nato reported a successful overnight attack on Libyan state TV transmitters that disabled three satellite transmission dishes. The alliance said the attack was intended to reduce the regime’s ability to “intimidate and oppress the people”.


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